Flu season? You wouldn’t have guessed

So today, I’m ill, and so is my partner. It turns out the flu season is upon us and we can’t get to the doctors. We have called in sick and we aren’t going to work so there’s a little whoop of joy in our weakened hearts. We still have to go and see his mum because we never made the effort on mothers day.

I like the flu, I enjoy being lazy and I enjoy the pain of being ill, because when I get better I’m going to feel like a new person. But at this minute I’m only just getting it and the headaches are unbearable and the coughing is actually more annoying than painful. I can’t wait to cuddle up with a movie and some soup. Soup is one of my favourite comfort foods. Its warm and you dont need to chew or go to any effort to make it. Mushroom soup and vegetable soup are among my favourites, my homemade mushroom soup is probably the best, thats only according to my boyfriend though.

I feel really bad taking days off of work for illness, especially when at one job I only work for 2 days out of the week and I decided to make today the day I don’t show up. It feels selfish but its hard for me to get my head around the concept that sometimes I have be selfish in order to be great for everyone else. Well… Maybe not great, but I do try and I hope people see that sometimes.

I’m going to spend the rest of my day eating soup and drinking fruit tea and hopefully I can be right back at again tomorrow with working and earning money.


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