Everything sucks

So I lost yet again another job last week, one that I loved, working with books, all i’ve wanted since I was about 9. So after that mishap we decided we would be in terrible trouble with money. and we are, oh boy we are deep in the shitter.

And today, I went to my other job feeling good, thinking that if I lost everything at least I would still have that place. It was more like going to see my family, I was always welcome and felt so cared for. And then, just as I was about to leave and get ready for the bank holiday weekend ahead. My boos pulled me up, and explained that he no longer wanted the business, he was getting rid and I was the first to leave. I don’t care so much about the money, I have just lost a family, I lost my uncle, a brother, some annoying cousin turns out. I loved it there. If there was one job that I was gonna be happy in for all of my life, it would have been that one.

A lot of stress has been happening in my life. I feel all of these thoughts in my head and I really cannot control them. I scare myself sometimes. I finally have my independence and I feel like it could be slipping through my fingers. I’m losing everything.

I just want my life back.


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