The Working World

So after being out of work for way over a month now, I am jumping back in on Monday Morning. The big bad dreaded Monday Morning.

The job I have accepted needs a lot of knowledge within the area. And apart from whatever it is my mum mumbles about when shes had a bad day, I have the littlest clue. I’ve been revising the little I have been taught on my so called induction day. I feel as though I’m ready to be thrown into the deep end and left to drown until i find my seas legs and start to float above the rest.

I will be working with my mother and my closest friend from school. I am more nervous about working with them both than the actual role of the job. I couldn’t live with my mum, she was impossible and we clashed too much. Since moving away from her I feel like our relationship has improved a lot, but now i’m scared that working with her again could be a mistake. And my best friend hasn’t been there a year yet, there are rumors that she may not be sticking around, and my mum is afraid that my success in this job could mean the end of her career. I don’t want to be the reason that my friend is left without a job. I do have a tactile plan to deal with them both.

My job will become a career. And I need to spend some time focusing on my own needs and life.


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